How research collaboration is encouraged internationally

Natalie Jones is Senior Portfolio Manager for Knowledge Exchange at ESRC.

Natalie Jones 150x150

Earlier this year Natalie was lucky enough to participate in a staff exchange to the Social Sciences Division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on ‘Innovations in Knowledge Exchange’. Organised by the EU-India Social Science and Humanities Platform (EqUIP), the exchange is one of a number of international visits to create new relationships and collaborations between organisations in the EU and India that fund academic research in the social sciences and humanities.

I particularly wanted to ‘kNWO’ (see what I did there!) how other research funders encourage participation from non-academics in research. Following a full day of action (including dinner at a restaurant opposite the Binnenhof parliamentary complex in the centre of The Hague!), I learned three ways to encourage collaboration in academic research. Continue reading