EU citizens after Brexit: understanding the risks

by Madeleine Sumption

Despite major disagreements about how Brexit should be done, politicians across political parties and across the ‘Leave-Remain divide’ agree on one thing: EU citizens already living in the UK will keep their rights to do so after Brexit.

But just because there is some level of political consensus about the issue, it doesn’t mean it will be easy in practice. Continue reading

Where next for a divided kingdom?

In 2014 the ESRC launched The UK in Changing Europe initiative, to monitor the ever changing and complex relationship between the UK and the EU.

The project enlists a range of experts who provide an authoritative source for independent research on UK-EU relations.

Over the past few months these experts have been kept particularly busy with the EU Referendum (have a read of their analysis pieces). 

Now that the results are in Professor Michael Keating looks at the next steps for the UK, in a piece originally featured in the Irish Times.

Michael Keating

The outcome of the referendum has left the UK deeply divided, by age, class, education and territory. These divisions are not new but reflect emerging social cleavages as the old divides of the industrial age disappear. They will shape the response of the political class to the unexpected result. Continue reading