Marginal money, mainstream economy

Max Gallien - runner up 150Max Gallien, a student at the London School of Economics and Political Science, was joint runner-up in Making Sense of Society, the ESRC’s writing competition 2017 in partnership with SAGE Publishing. This is his essay.

As I talk to him, Ahmed pulls his chair into his store to escape the hot Tunisian sun. He is a retired teacher – the years of screaming children can be counted in the rings framing his eyes. Behind him is his merchandise. To make up for a small pension, Ahmed is selling kitchenware in a market near the Libyan border. Over 400 tiny concrete garages surround him, goods piled high – clothes, bags, microwaves. It looks like any other market, but note an invisible detail: everything sold here is illegal. Every good in this market has been smuggled into Tunisia. Ahmed, though he may not look the part, is a smuggler. Continue reading

Picture of the week: ESRC Photographic Competition inspiration – Future

You have just one more day to enter our photographic competition for young people aged 14-18. The entries are streaming in and we can’t wait to sift through them all.

Don’t leave it until the last minute to submit your photo! Entry closes at 23.00 on 11 December 2015.

In case you need some last minute inspiration, here are some entries on the theme of ‘Future’ from our 2013 photographic competition…

Picture of the week: ESRC Photographic Competition inspiration – Interests and hobbies

There are just two weeks left to submit entries to our young people’s photographic competition 2016 – so if you know any friends, family or neighbours with a good eye for a photo, let them know!

Here are some of the entries we received in our 2013 photographic competition, on the theme of ‘Interests and Hobbies’.

Picture of the week: ESRC Photographic Competition inspiration – Opinions and Beliefs

Just a month left to get snapping for our 2016 photographic competition, so if you know anyone aged 14-18 spread the word… You can also follow the competition on Twitter via #esrcphoto

Here are some of the great entries we received on the theme of ‘Opinions and Beliefs’ for our 2013 photographic competition.