A look into the future

Susan Cassell is Policy Manager for Data and Resources at ESRC. She provides support for phase 1 of the ESRC’s investment in Big Data: the Administrative Data Research Network and is also the case officer for two Doctoral Training Centres. She is involved with various working groups across the ESRC.  

Sue Cassell

I’ve just spent half a day with ESRC colleagues looking through the entries to the ESRC-SAGE Writing Competition: The World in 2065.  The aim of the competition was to provide a platform for young academics to share their enthusiasm and vision for social science over the next 50 years, by inviting entrants to answer the question, ‘How will your research or discipline change the world by 2065?’. There were 77 entries to review, each written by an ESRC-funded doctoral student. I was struck by the variety – each a unique take on what social science research will have contributed to the world by 2065. Some authors unleashed their creativity and imagined a future in 2065 that seems more science fiction than fact. Not that any of us know for sure what the future holds.
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The World in 2065 Writing Competition

Victoria Morrisroe, Senior Communications Manager at the ESRC and manager of the ‘The World in 2065’ ESRC writing competition, in partnership with SAGE.

Victoria Morrisroe

I’m thrilled to be managing the ESRC-SAGE World in 2065 Writing Competition. Working on this competition has allowed me to let loose my creative side; from shaping the design of the competition, to working with designers on the eye-catching poster, and finally writing this post. Continue reading