Deliberate firesetting: new treatment theory has impact

Professor Theresa Gannon is Director of the Centre of Research and Education in Forensic Psychology (CORE-FP) at the University of Kent.

Earlier this year, Professor Gannon and her team won the Outstanding Impact in Society award in our Celebrating Impact Prize.

This is the fourth blog in a series which looks into the research behind the five successful awards, whilst touching on how the winning academics will spend their £10,000 prize.


About eight years ago, during my practitioner work, I was asked to assess a man who had sexually offended. I will call this man ‘Mr A’.
When I arrived to conduct my assessment the case was relatively straightforward. Mr A had received treatment for his sexual offending and appeared to have benefited. However, I became deeply troubled when I viewed Mr A’s previous offence history. Mr A had also committed a number of deliberate firesetting offences and yet had never received any treatment for his firesetting behaviour. Continue reading