Supporting robust evidence for UK housing policy and practice

Julie McLaren is Head of Society and Global Security at ESRC

Julie McLaren

Supporting robust evidence for UK housing policy and practice

Stories about housing are an almost daily feature in the UK newspapers: ‘Britain’s housing crisis is a human disaster’; ‘The Housing Market is Broken’; ‘Right-to-buy throws petrol on blazing housing crisis’.

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What do I want? A closer relationship between theory and practice. When do I want it? Now, please, if you don’t mind.

Dr Jennifer Doyle, Trafford Housing Trust, Winner of the ESRC Celebrating Impact Prize for Outstanding Early Career Impact

Jennifer Doyle

It is strange and exciting being a researcher in social housing. There are no traditional links between social housing and academic research. As a collective, those of us in the built environment disciplines have broadly fallen into one of two roles:

  • Those focused on an absolute necessity to deliver housing, to manage housing, and to look after our tenants, in the moment, continuously; and
  • Those of us who have been afforded the luxury of time to conduct research to consider things more deeply, to reflect, strategise and plan for the future. Continue reading