ESRC writing competition: How to write a winning entry

Martin Ince is a science journalist and president of the Association of British Science Writers. Among his many books are Conversations with Manuel Castells, and the Rough Guide to the Earth. He is a frequent contributor to the ESRC’s own publications.

Martin will be among the judges of Making Sense of Society, the ESRC writing competition 2016-17, in partnership with SAGE Publishing. Here he writes a piece on the kind of content the judges will be looking for as a winner.

The days are long gone when the only people who had to like a thesis were the examiners who could approve or reject it. Academics now need to be able to talk about their research to broad audiences, and in a way that makes its importance and relevance clear to anyone. That’s why ESRC and SAGE, one of the world’s top social science publishers, are encouraging you to do just that, with a competition which will get current and recent ESRC-funded students writing about the significance of their work. Continue reading

The World in 2065 Writing Competition

Victoria Morrisroe, Senior Communications Manager at the ESRC and manager of the ‘The World in 2065’ ESRC writing competition, in partnership with SAGE.

Victoria Morrisroe

I’m thrilled to be managing the ESRC-SAGE World in 2065 Writing Competition. Working on this competition has allowed me to let loose my creative side; from shaping the design of the competition, to working with designers on the eye-catching poster, and finally writing this post. Continue reading