Five steps on how to take the perfect snap – an ESRC photographic competition judge’s insight

Ollie Smallwood will be a judge for Focus on Society, this year’s ESRC national photographic competition for young people

Ollie Smallwood

Ollie Smallwood

As a photographer I get inspiration from seeing the work of other photographers and creative minds.  Aside from being interested in the content, composition and technical aspects of any image I’m also intrigued by the artists thought process.

Many of the pictures submitted to the ESRC photographic competition over the past two years (since it has been running) have inspired me and have often provoked deliberation and insight into 21st century human behavior.   Sitting on the judging panel I have enjoyed the discussions and sometimes even debates, with other judges, over the merits of a particular picture. After all, liking a photograph or any piece of art is subjective and you can’t please all the people all the time! However there are a few areas that the judging panel seems to agree on most of time.

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