How research collaboration is encouraged internationally

Natalie Jones is Senior Portfolio Manager for Knowledge Exchange at ESRC.

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Earlier this year Natalie was lucky enough to participate in a staff exchange to the Social Sciences Division of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) on ‘Innovations in Knowledge Exchange’. Organised by the EU-India Social Science and Humanities Platform (EqUIP), the exchange is one of a number of international visits to create new relationships and collaborations between organisations in the EU and India that fund academic research in the social sciences and humanities.

I particularly wanted to ‘kNWO’ (see what I did there!) how other research funders encourage participation from non-academics in research. Following a full day of action (including dinner at a restaurant opposite the Binnenhof parliamentary complex in the centre of The Hague!), I learned three ways to encourage collaboration in academic research. Continue reading

The Innovation Caucus: Championing the social sciences to support innovation-led growth

Professor Tim Vorley is convening the Innovation Caucus with the support of Dr Chay Brooks. Both are based at Sheffield University Management School, where they are members of the Centre for Economic and Enterprise Development. Tim’s research focuses primarily on the nature of institutional development in fostering entrepreneurial economies, while Chay’s research is focusing on entrepreneurial philanthropy.

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From small businesses to global corporations, innovation is recognised as central to economic growth. However, if innovation-led growth is to thrive there is a need to build on insights about the innovation ecosystem in the UK and beyond. Understanding innovation has been a long standing focus of social science researchers across a broad range of disciplines. Social science research has a strong pedigree in generating international insights into innovation, ranging in focus business models to business environments and regulation to societal acceptance.

To enhance the impact of social science research the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) has jointly funded a new initiative with Innovate UK to bring our communities closer together and promote collaboration. The recently established Innovation Caucus is a multidisciplinary team of researchers, who are working to ensure social science research informs the strategy and practice of Innovate UK. The Innovation Caucus aims to bridge the knowledge gap by providing Innovate UK strategists, analysts and technologists with research-based insights about the innovation process and the innovation ecosystem. Continue reading

From research to creating social change through art and engagement

Celia Kitzinger (University of York) and Jenny Kitzinger (Cardiff University) Co-Directors of the Coma and Disorders of Consciousness Research Centre and joint winners of the ESRC’s Outstanding Impact in Society Award, 2015.

Professor Jenny Kitzinger and Professor Celia Kitzinger

Running into the office last week carrying a bundle of eight foot bamboo poles, along with a picnic blanket, an iron and a bag of sand, we reflected on the changing role of the academic. Continue reading