Engaging the social sciences with business

Tim Vorley 150x150Professor Tim Vorley is convening the ESRC and Innovate UK-funded Innovation Caucus. Based at Sheffield University Management School, Tim is a Professor of Entrepreneurship and Co-Director of Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development. His research focuses on the role of institutions in creating more entrepreneurial economies and promoting local economic development.

mk-photoMelanie Knetsch is ESRC’s Strategic Lead for Challenges. 
Part of her role includes developing ESRC’s thinking and activities around interdisciplinary, challenge-led activities and ensuring that our research portfolio is more visible to potential users, as well as creating opportunities to enable researchers from other communities to engage with social science.

This blog looks at how the social sciences can and should engage with businesses to realise the impact of research based insights.

A recent report published by the ESRC shows that social scientists are becoming increasingly engaged through their research. This is testament to how the knowledge exchange agenda has become embedded and been embraced. Continue reading