Keeping Pace with the ‘Perennial Gale of Competition’

Ian Quigg is a Postgraduate Researcher at the University of Surrey.

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His piece ‘Keeping Pace with the ‘Perennial Gale of Competition’ finished in the top 10 of the ESRC’s writing competition, The World in 2065 – in collaboration with academic publishers, SAGE.  You can read it below:

Keeping Pace with the ‘Perennial Gale of Competition’

Who will be able to cope and thrive with the demands of living and labouring in the ‘Competition State’?

Joseph Schumpeter vividly described capitalism as ‘the perennial gale of creative destruction’. He is credited with coining the term Unternehmengeist (‘entrepreneurial spirit’) – and it is such a ‘spirit’ that everything under the sun should represent for perennial success.

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