Discovering diet and exploring eating with UK teenagers

Peter Hovard 150Dr Peter Hovard is currently working as a Behavioural Insights Consultant, and was previously part of the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) team based at NatCen.

As part of the ESRC’s Festival of Social Science 2016, the NDNS team ran an interactive session with a group of teenagers studying AS-level sociology. Here Peter explains how the students got involved and what made the day successful.

Children are not meeting many health targets, with teenagers being the main offenders with unhealthy eating. In fact, using figures from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS), Cancer Research UK calculated that UK teenagers drink enough fizzy drinks to fill a bathtub each year. Continue reading

Talking offal: The psychology behind avoiding haggis for dinner

An ongoing ESRC seminar series, involving practitioner and academic experts, is focusing on consumer perceptions of food safety, nutrition and waste. The aim is to understand and improve UK consumers’ decisions about nutrition, food safety, and domestic food waste.

Nicky Bown

Dr Nicky Bown

Nick Piper

Dr Nick Piper

Ahead of Burns night – a celebration of the Scottish poet Robert Burns, where Scots celebrate all things great within their country, including the tradition of eating haggis – Dr Nicola Bown, senior lecturer in organisational psychology and Dr Nick Piper, postdoctoral researcher, Centre for Decision Research, University of Leeds, look at why some people may avoid eating the offal-based meal.

Sheep stomach stuffed with a boiled mix of liver, heart, lungs (collectively ‘pluck’), rolled oats and other ingredients such as onions, suet, herbs and spices – for the unfamiliar, this is the common recipe for a traditional Scottish haggis.

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