The global refugee crises: how to crowdfund new ideas for better aid

Corinna Frey is an ESRC PhD student working on refugee crises and humanitarian emergencies, exploring innovative ways of sharing knowledge and making use of evidence and research. She is based at the Cambridge Judge Business School and promotes knowledge translation as Head of Lectures for CUSPE, the Cambridge University Science and Policy Exchange.


The world has a new UN Secretary General and it is not by chance the former Head of the UN Refugee Agency, a global sign that the United Nations are putting refugees and global displacement on top of their agenda. And it’s about time! Currently, around 65.3 million people are displaced from their homes, fleeing war, persecution or natural disasters. And while we (too often) hear about refugees drowning in the Mediterranean Sea, only 6 per cent of the global refugee population ever make it to any of the European borders. In fact the majority of refugees find themselves in over-crowded refugee camps spread across the world. Continue reading

They know how much oxygen I breathe, which is fine by me

Josephine Go Jefferies is an ESRC doctoral researcher at the University of Nottingham’s Business School. Her thesis explores patient experience of telehealth for self-management of chronic disease. Her research interests are digital health, service innovation and ethical consumption.

Josephine Go Jefferies

Josephine Go Jefferies

Her piece ‘They know how much oxygen I breathe, which is fine by me’ finished as a runner-up in the ESRC’s writing competition, The World in 2065 – in collaboration with academic publishers, SAGE.  You can read it below:

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