Speed of change of ‘the high street’ is getting exponentially greater – just like my greys!

Bruce Jackson is a Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager at the ESRC, and has worked for the council for seven years. His current role is focused on ensuring researchers have the tools needed to undertake excellent social science and on supporting the ESRC’s partnership and engagement activities, including its engagement with the retail sector.


My 40th is fast approaching and, lit by the glare of my iPad while shopping for new skateboards, I notice yet another grey hair reflected back from the screen. A combination of early mornings and late nights brought about by toddlers and flexible working has meant that my online activity this night has also included a quick search for ‘Just for Men’ (other hair-colour products are available!). So how did my journey finish? Well, I’m still grey but after an online journey encompassing various skate shops comparing prices I went to my local skate shop and bought my board. So what does this tell us on this occasion, apart from the mid-life crisis?

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