Researchfish: spreading the word about your research

Rhian_JonesRhian Jones is a Senior Information Analyst for the Insights team at ESRC.

As the Researchfish submission deadline for 2017 approaches, here she explains the value of the information researchers submit and how this is used

Researchfish, the research reporting system for the research councils, is a vital source of information for the ESRC, providing us with evidence and impact case studies to highlight the benefits of social science research. Continue reading

Jargonbusting: how to write about science for a wide audience

Simon Wesson is Press and Communications Officer at ESRC. Before joining ESRC he worked as a local news reporter for five years, before a role in the University of Bedfordshire press office and most recently working within the University of Bath communications team. In addition to writing, his expertise lies in design, subbing and photography.

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As someone with a less than academic background (yes I’m in the minority who haven’t been to university) you could argue that I’m at a disadvantage as a press officer when it comes to communicating about science.

It’s probably a strong argument… However it’s my day-to-day job, and in fact I truly believe it plays out in my favour; especially when I’m communicating about scientific issues which affect every single one of us – as so often the ESRC’s work does.

So how on earth can it be in my favour? Continue reading