Does the carrier bag charge make us more green?

Why does charging for carrier bags encourage environmentally-friendly behaviour, but other initiatives do not? This is the question being posed here by Lorraine Whitmarsh, Professor of Environmental Psychology in the School of Psychology, Cardiff University and the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.

You can also read this article in this month’s Society Now magazine, which is out later this week.

Lorraine Whitmarsh

Latest figures show that in less than a year, the English carrier bag charge has led to reductions in single-use carrier bags of around 80 per cent. This is similar to reductions achieved in other countries, including Wales (90 per cent), Scotland (80 per cent) and Northern Ireland (72 per cent), where similar charges have been implemented. Continue reading

Storm Desmond – Who wants to talk about climate change at a time like this?

Dr Adam Corner is Climate Outreach‘s Director of Research as well as an Honorary Research Fellow at the School of Psychology, Cardiff University. Adam manages Climate Outreach’s research portfolio and directs collaborations with academic partners. He writes regularly for the national media, including The Guardian and New Scientist magazine.

Adam Corner

Storm Desmond – Who wants to talk about climate change at a time like this?

In scenes that are – sadly – becoming an increasingly familiar feature of the UK’s winter months, unprecedented levels of rain fell in the North of England and Scotland last weekend. Swollen rivers burst their banks, flood defences failed, and hospitals moved to emergency power supplies. Tragically, several people are thought to have lost their lives as the storm swept the country.

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