The eye of the storm

by Anand Menon

It’s been quite a period for the UK in a Changing Europe, charged by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) with disseminating the findings of academic research on UK-EU relations to as wide an audience as possible. It’s been exciting, stressful at times, but, most of all immensely satisfying as we have, I think, helped persuade the non-academic world of the importance of social science.

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Anand Menon: spreading the benefits of globalisation

Anand Menon is Professor of European Politics and Foreign Affairs at King’s College London, and Director of the ESRC-funded research initiative The UK in a Changing Europe. He has written on many aspects of contemporary Europe including the EU and European security.

Anand Menon

Why did you pursue an academic career?

My inspiration came largely from my PhD supervisor, Vincent Wright. He had a uniquely positive approach to both research and teaching which was infectious and made the profession appear hugely appealing. He also, of course, in retrospect, had an uncanny knack of avoiding administrative tasks! Continue reading